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Diktatur Bewältigen

Diktatur Bewältigen provides an overview of the current situation of post-revolutionary transitional justice in Egypt and Tunisia and documents the numerous obstacles and contradictions in the search for the right path. The book, which was published in German, English and Arabic, deals, among other topics, with the processing of human rights violations and the systematic surveillance of citizens by state security in Egypt and Tunisia.

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An Grenzen

Eight young Germans undertake a journey through that small stretch of land that has been given so many names and still has no fixed borders. They experience an Israel and Palestine beyond the sofa perspective, beyond the same media images of soldiers, attacks and stiff handshakes. The authors meet people from the region in many ways, hear their stories and live in their houses. This book provides insight into everyday life in the Middle East, a region where conflict lines seem to set the coordinates of everyday life. Personal essays and reports give an authentic and thought-provoking insight into the diverse lives of Israelis and Palestinians.

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